VMworld from a far Day 2

Yesterday was day 2 of VMworld and there wasn't really any new announcements in the keynote. It mainly focused on going deeper into the technical details of the announcements of day 1. Here are links to some of the live blogs.  

Scott Lowe 


Usually the day 2 keynote has a lot of information on the EUC arm of VMware. This was not the case in 2013. Most of the keynote focused on the technical aspects of IT-as-a-Service and the software defined data center. VMware is going all in with the software defined data center I think the key to this is the Software defined Networking in the NSX product. It seems to me like this is the "secret sauce" that will make the 'Hybrid Cloud" more attainable to the greatest number of people. 

From the EUC side of things some of the announcements I found interesting were the further collaboration of Lakeside Software and Login VSI. The solution they have come up with seems to compete with the assessment and monitoring suite from Liquidware labs, but you have to deal with 2 different vendors. I hope to be able to test the solution in a lab and post the comparisons here. 

Speaking of Liquidware labs they announced FlexDisk and Flex-IO this week. I am looking forward to trying out the FlexDisk. hopefully the mounting process will be faster than the VHD mounting process for FlexApp and portability. You might not think that 2-5 seconds is a long time but when staring at that Profile Unity splash screen it is seems like forever. 

Finally the tech preview of Project Orcha brings us a step closer to the promise of AppBlast that was promised 2 VMworlds ago. The workflow of being able to click a button on a file in Horizon Workspace and have it open in your virtual desktop is a nice feature that uses from what I understand no new Tech. 


VMworld from a far day 1

I decided to put together a list of articles that I thought were interesting from the first day of VMworld 2013. 

Keynote replay - A lot to go over here and most of the articles below cover it. 

Scott Lowe's Live blog of the keynote  - I follow Scott's twitter feed and he always has insightful commentary 

One of the things I liked the most was the lifting of the limits on the vCenter appliance. I feel the less you need to depend on a direct competitors technology (Microsoft) the better. Duncan Epping has a good overview of the new limits. 

One of the keys to building scalable View environments is to not have to rely on a SAN. The new and hopefully vastly improved VMware vSphere Virtual SAN will make that happen. The best part is is integrated in the hypervisor and not an bolt on Virtual Appliance like most vSAN products.  Duncan Epping has a great intro to VMware's software defined storage

Fusion-io announced their new ioVDI product. Server side Flash to "offload most reads and up to 80% of the writes from primary storage..." we will see if you need this add on product or if the newly announced vSphere Flash Read Cache will be enough for most deployments. 

The final thing I wanted to point out was that VMware is planing on adding a DaaS (Desktop as as Service) offering that integrates with Horizon Suite. This will be a part of the newly out of beta vCloud Hybrid Service. This service will rely on VMware's integration of all the recent "software defined" acquisitions. It will leverage hevily on the network virtualization platform VMware NSX. Looks like it is time to work on my network weak spot. 

There is a lot I missed here but these are the things that stood out to me .