Change Application Name in ThinApp Pop-Up

I have come across many people that use ThinApp to distribute web apps. Sometimes because they require a specific version of Java, or Internet Explorer, other time they do it just cuz they can (that is a valid reason when using ThinApp). 

Well when you package IE the little ThinApp pop-up (that you are not allowed to turn off for "legal" reasons) shows "Internet Explorer" and not the name of the web app "Just Cuz I Can"  

So to change that to the web app name "Just Cuz I Can" you add a parameter in the entry point section of the Package.ini for that app called StatusBarDisplayName=Just Cuz I Can  like in the picture below 

Now once you rebuild you get this for the pop-up (that you can't remove)

Thanks to Coby Gurr and Dean Flaming from VMware for the tip.